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Phim Cửu Gia Thư Gu Family Book Full HD Phim.Viettinhoc.Com

From Youtube.com - Posted: Apr 14, 2013 - 19,803 views
Nhac Han Quoc | Phim Cửu Gia Thư Gu Family Book Full HD Phim.Viettinhoc.Com | Phim Cuu Gia Thu Gu Family Book Full HD Phim.Viettinhoc.Com
Phim Cửu Gia Thư Gu Family Book Full HD Phim.Viettinhoc.Com
Phim Cuu Gia Thu Gu Family Book Full HD Phim.Viettinhoc.Com
Thời lượng: 05 phút 32 giây 
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Full Album Gu Family Book OST

Gu Family Book OSTTrack List01. My Eden - Yisabel 02. Love Hurts - Lee Sang Gon 03. Spring Rain - Baek Ji Young 04. Best Wishes to You - The One 05. Don't Forget Me - Suzy 06. That One Last Word - Lee Seung Ki 07. Only You - 4MEN 08. Will You Be My Love Rain? - Shin Jae 09. Love is Blowing - Lee Ji Young 10. Spring Rain (Acoustic Ver.) - Baek Ji Young 11. My Eden - Yisabel 12. Best Wishes to You (Acoustic Ver.) - Choi Jin Hyuk 13. Gu Family Book - Various Artists
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HOT 구가의 서 17회 이승기 수지 눈물방울 키스 로 드디어 첫 입맞춤 20130603

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Buổi đọc kịch bản Gu Family Book

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A Thousand Years Gu Family Book

this is my tribute for this wonderful couple from this amazing show.... i love them together and individually, Kang Chi is a character you instantly fall for, he's sweet and funny and with a lovable personality... and Yeo Wool is perfect (i loved her as much as i loved Kim Na Na) such a strong and loyal character.as for the song i chose it before episode 21 aired and was waiting for a happy ending of a marriage to include but we got a 400 year wait which surprisingly is very fitting to the lyrics of the song ..... i may be one of the few but i was really satisfied with the ending, though i would have liked a scene of her remembering him that moment or a scene of them together and Kang Chi as a human 10 years later but oh well.... i'm just happy they found each other after all the crying i went through.... and poor Kang Chi he had to live 422 years all alone, just thinking about it is so sad but i liked how he never gave up and just waited.i tried to make the video simple and romantic showing the sweet and sad aspects of their relationship i hope you guys like it.oh and this drama made me love Lee Seung Gi, in the week before episode 21 i watched The King 2 Hearts and really he's such a talented actor.... i'm loving him.
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Đón xem "Bạn gái tôi là Hồ Ly" trên Yeah1 TV - SCTV4 vào lúc 20h thứ 2 đến thứ 6 (phát lại 18h thứ 3 - thứ 7 ) bắt đầu từ 7122011 Yeah1 Movie Fanpage: http:www.facebook.compagesYeah1-Movie251758424882245 LIKE để có thêm thông tin về những bộ phim sắp phát sóng trên Yeah1 TV
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Những bài hát hay trong phim Cửu Gia Thư Gu Family Book

0:00 : Best wishes for you 3:50 : Don't forget me 7:29 : Last word 12:9 : My love is hurt
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nhac han quoc

● Wol Ryung x Seo Hwa ;; you can hear me cry

[SPOILERS EP 1-2!!!]Already totally love this drama. OMG, i'm so sad for these two. I loved their lovestory : i hope someday they will reunite.program used: sony vegas pro 11 drama: gu family book song: so cold - nikisha reyes-pile ft ben cocks facebook: https:www.facebook.comelisabetta.disa
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Vietsub Kara FMV Don t Forget Me Suzy SayATeam360kpop

Vietsub và FMV được thực hiện bởi Say A Team @360Kpop.com
21,967 views | May 11, 2013
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xem phim Sợi dây chuyền định mệnh Tập 1

Xem toàn bộ phim tại: http:www.youtube.comwatch?v=AjMEMtnT5Bg&list=PLyFu-s9ndj8x3ruIm7gOEx2jzJMX9Nbu7 Nguồn: http:girlquangngai.com
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Gu Family Book Tập 13 Phần 13A Server Google

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10 bài hát nhạc phim Hàn Quốc kinh điển đi cùng năm tháng

like page facebook ủng hộ mình nha các bạn yêu quý :) https:www.facebook.compagesD%E1%BB%8Bch-v%E1%BB%A5-ch%E1%BB%A5p-h%C3%ACnh-ch%C3%A2n-dung-ngo%E1%BA%A1i-c%E1%BA%A3nh-gi%C3%A1-sinh-vi%C3%AAn387238214695916?ref=hl
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Vietsub Kara Don t forget me miss A Suzy Gu Family Book OST

Album: [Digital Single] 구가의서 Part.5 (Gu Family Book OST Part.5) Song Artist: Suzy (수지) [miss A] Release Date: 2013.05.06 Genre: OST, Drama - Gu Family Book
44,144 views | May 06, 2013
nhac han quoc

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