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Những bài hát hay nhất của nhóm EXO

From Youtube.com - Posted: Sep 10, 2013 - 56,342 views
Nhac Han Quoc | Những bài hát hay nhất của nhóm EXO | Nhung bai hat hay nhat cua nhom EXO
Những bài hát hay nhất của nhóm EXO
Nhung bai hat hay nhat cua nhom EXO
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Những Bài Hát Của EXO

3,785 views | Oct 19, 2014
nhac han quoc

Những bài hát của EXO

Tớ biết là nó còn nhiều sơ sót lắm :) , đây chưa được gọi là những bài hát hay nhất :) .
38,431 views | Dec 11, 2013
nhac han quoc

Vietsub Parody Growl EXO Korean ver. Tiền điện v

Dìm mấy cháu cho vui, nhất là cháu Điện đại gia :3 Lyrics không phải lời thật của video :3 Have fun :))
103,435 views | Aug 04, 2013
nhac han quoc

Vietsub Parody History EXO Korean ver. Cuộc chiên tranh ngôi vị người ...

Lyrics không phải lời thật :3 Subcribe để xem thêm parody và check face của mình nhé ^_^ Có dìm cháu nào quá thì các bạn bias bỏ qua cho nhé :3
30,417 views | Aug 27, 2013
nhac han quoc


List bài hát: 1:And One - Taeyeon 2:Because Of You - BEAST 3:Day After Day - Ji Yeon 4:Geobuhal Su Eomneun (거부할 수 ì—†ëŠ" ) - Navi 5:Geuge Sarangiraseo (그게 사ëž'이라서) - Jang Hye Jin 6:Ijeulmando Hande (잊을만도 한데) - Suh Young Eun 7:It Has Be To You - Ye Sung 8:On Rainy Days - BEAST 9:Prayer - Various Artists 10:Sarangeul Jeogeoyo (사ëž'을 적ì--´ìš") - Brian 11:The End - SeeYa ft. T-Ara 12:Together - Ji Yeon ft. JB 13:Unstoppable Tears - Jessica 14:You're My Spring - Sung Si-kyoung
359,753 views | Jun 18, 2013
nhac han quoc

HD 1080P 130701 EXO 엑소 MAMA History 3.6.5 Wolf Hong Kong Dome Festival

130701 EXO performed MAMA, History, 3.6.5 and Wolf (Chinese Version) at Hong Kong Dome Festival 香港巨蛋音樂節
1,280,914 views | Jul 01, 2013
nhac han quoc

1080p EXO Full Cut IC 130831

[1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831. [1080p] EXO - Full Cut @ IC 130831.
749,994 views | Sep 01, 2013
nhac han quoc

Những bài hát hay nhất của Beast

62,451 views | May 13, 2013
nhac han quoc

Vietsub Show 120716 Do Your Best EXO M mHD EXOPLANETVN.COM

Bought to you by http:exoplanetvn.com Download at: http:exoplanetvn.comthreadsvietsub-show-120716-do-your-best-exo-m-exoplanetvn-com.6433
266,653 views | Jul 18, 2012
nhac han quoc

Vietsub HD 130706 Happy Camp with EXO Part 3 6 AoE ST

[Vietsub] 130706 Happy Camp with EXO Part 6 [AoE ST] Playlist: http:www.youtube.complaylist?list=PL8ivrZnOAIBqHkwa8eS3ALpkDvj_qT-ku Video đã được lược cắt đoạn đầu phát sóng bài hát để đảm bảo video có tiếng do vấn đề bản quyền. Khuyến khích các bạn down full show để xem show chất lượng hình ảnh tốt hơn và đầy đủ hơn. Brought to you by AoE Subteam: http:kites.vn837-1exo.html Fanpage: http:www.facebook.comAoEsubteam
59,777 views | Jul 07, 2013
nhac han quoc

Vietsub 131219 EXO s Showtime Ep 4 EXO Team

Download at: http:bit.lyJ2lnwk Subcribe & visit our fanpage for more Vietsub: http:www.facebook.comEXOTeam360Kpop or http:forum.360kpop.comforumsexo.259
441,317 views | Dec 20, 2013
nhac han quoc

FMV EXO Một chặng đường để nhớ

Brought to you by LoveLayVN Made by Jul and Cong@LoveLayVN Vtrans by Đốm@LoveLayVN Cre vid+pic: as logo Visit us: https:www.facebook.comLoveLayVN https:twitter.comLoveLayVN http:weibo.comu3989258213 http:instagram.comlovelayvn Etans by Soull@LoveLayVNEXO -- A Memorable Way2 years from the day EXO officially left the spacecraft From EXOPlanet, EXO came to the Earth. A gift from LoveLayVN EXO -- A Memorable WayTo have success, you must swap a lot of things 12 boys had to suffered so much: - Melon Music Awards 2013, BAEKHYUN always showed his mischievious, funny on stage, and did his work (MC) very well. But when the camera didn't turn to him, he didn't restrain the grimacing pain. - 13.09.06 Music Bank, XIUMIN couldn't hide his fatigue on stage. - 13.07.10 Show Champion, Kai was injured. - After MAMA 2013 in Hong Kong, D.O came back to Korea with a pair of crutches. But he still had a beautiful smile cuz he didn't want fans to worry about him. - "No matter how difficult, I still laugh like a fool." -- PART CHANYEOL Stupid CHANYEOL, all we need is your true smile. Just be yourself! Tired times need to rest, babo. - 13.06.12 Show Champion, while performing, LAY was tripped and fell so hurt but he still tried to finish his part thought ist wasn't perfect. - 13.09.03, TAO had a trauma when he participated in the high jump competition that prevent him from bringing the prize. Then he cried cause he felt guilty and he bow to apologize constantly.- 13.12.09 Mnet M! Countdown, as soon as EXO finished their performance, LUHAN was hospitalized. - Some Chinese fans said that after finishing the performance, Chen had to go down the off-stage quickly. There was fan said that he repeatedly asked for drugs in the flight back to Korea. - 13.11.30 FANACC "OH SEHUN, did you know what time it was? 3 a.m and some fans still waited outside SM building. Korea's weather was very cold, SEHUN walked home alone, I didn't know what to say, just wanna cry, a working hard person had to suffered a lot, just 1 line 'SEHUN dance lazy' hurted him so much. - Our DUIZHANG... Ultimately he is a proud son of his mother. He have to live away from his family Just cry when you miss your mommy, oppa!!! Cause difficulties were enough to make you fatigue. - LAY is the person who don't want fans to worry the most. But he finally couldn't walk by himself. - EXO's proud leader SUHO EXO has been successful as today, May be, you fell happy the most. Assuming the position of leader is not indeed easily. No lament or reveal the fatigue, He always complete the role of a leader so good. KIM JUNGMYUN -- You Are The Best!EXO suffered numerous difficulties right from the frist days and our 12 boys have been trying so hard. The awards that they received have proved all. Even though the future way is more difficult, please stay together until the last minutes.They're incredibly strong boys, The most courageous and lusty wolfs. But when success came... Reliving the way they walked together, How to overcame difficulties and hard, They finally could smile happily, And then burst in happiness... 12 boys are always together, That's the happiest thing!Although there're many mixed opinions about their success but their efforts and progress are undeniable. Actually, when they combine into a complete team, promote the 12 -- member squad, that's when EXO success the most! Because... For EXO... And also us -- who are following their footsteps, 12 is always equal 1! Even though they weren't together from the first days, They'll be together in the final moments.Don't Worry! Cause ROYAL FANS will always walk beside you guys! No matter how much time goes by, It's still like that! Just be healthy, And love each other! Thank you for loving 12 boys of EXO! Let's go to the end of this road with them okay! Never Forget This Moment... The moment which EXO&Fan's heart to be ONE!"Now... this moment... What time is it? Yeah, 11h43'34s Friday November 23, 2013 KST. We'll enjoy and never forget this moment. We will always strive, by all our hard. Thank you so much! I LOVE YOU GUYS!"(SUHO -- MAMA 2013)HAPPY EXO's 2nd ANNIVERSARY
60,630 views | Apr 07, 2014
nhac han quoc

Những Ca Khúc Hay Nhất Của MIU LÊ

Những Ca Khúc Hay Nhất Của MIU LÊ ♫ ShuichiVEVO™ — Bảo Anh ► Face 1: https:www.facebook.comshuichi.2604 ► Face 2: https:www.facebook.comBaoAnhStudio ► Face 3: https:www.facebook.compagesI-Love... Chúc các bạn có những giây phút vui vẻ - ♥ - Make you happy! Đừng quên like cho mình nhé, hi hi ^^PLEASE DON'T REUPLOAD !!!================================= ღ Video Editor + Uploader: Bảo Anh =================================♫ Danh sách bài hát: 1. Đã Từng Yêu 0:00 2. Dằm Trong Tim 4:17 3. Em Không Tin 9:40 4. Em Nhớ Anh 13:53 5. Em Yêu Anh 17:39 6. Giả Vờ Nhưng Em Yêu Anh 21:19 7. Hy Vọng 25:12 8. Không Còn Nhau 30:46 9. Lặng Thầm Yêu 35:09 10. Mưa Đợi Chờ 39:04 11. My Boy 43:01 12. Ngày Mới Ngọt Ngào 47:01 13. Nhận Ra 51:02 14. Riêng Mình Em 55:11 15. Yêu Anh 59:34==============================DISCLAIMER: We do not own this audio. All rights belong to its rightful owner. This clip is copyright.==============================Tổng hợp các ca khúc hay nhất của Miu Lê Tổng hợp các ca khúc hay nhất của Miu Lê============================== Shival ShivalVEVO ShivalKira OcTienSinh VN2dayVEVO khoailangchannel Kenhv18 Tieungo16 Kenh18 VietMusicCollection Vietnamtodaynews Duyninh91 Leanh04 hoalydoncoi Juli89 JVevermind LVTChannel Mrmenvip Minh82bn muimuivjp skyn9x MizukiTamiko DiaNgucMau AseDark Capri FairySword3 Galovejiro2104 ImYuta Ivansbakery Karalaura2012 Lygerzero0zero KehyF Monmon63100 OkazakiMatsue Pyointa2001 Spyne21TheIczaka TheRikuYuuki TheUdyplus YangEval BảoAnh Shuichi ShuichiVEVO StevieHoang TheVoice TheVoiceKid Giọng Hát Việt
1,199,439 views | Jul 05, 2013
nhac han quoc

EXO Black Pearl Tell Me What Is Love 중독 Overdose at 2014 MAMA

EXO-Black Pearl + Tell Me What Is Love+중독(Overdose) at 2014 MAMA[2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards] 2014.12.3 at AsiaWorld-Expo, Arena ▶ Mnet 유투브 구독하기: http:www.youtube.comsubscription_center?add_user=MnetLike Facebook and Twitter for more k-pop news https:facebook.comMnetOfficial https:facebook.comMCOUNTDOWN https:twitter.comMnetKR
1,495,095 views | Dec 03, 2014
nhac han quoc

Vietsub 131221 Show Champion backstage EXO

Dịch + sub bởi mình. Vui lòng ghi rõ nguồn khi mang đi nơi khác. Download: chickenariel.wordpress.com
56,553 views | Dec 21, 2013
nhac han quoc


-Vietsub được thực hiện bởi forum EXOVIETNAM.COM : http:exovietnam.comforum -Facebook : https:www.facebook.comEXOVN12 -Twitter : https:twitter.comEXOVN -Download : http:exovietnam.comforumindex.php?threadsexos-showtime-ep-9-hd.11946
344,190 views | Jan 24, 2014
nhac han quoc

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