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Kim Hyun Joong Be nice to me, please

From Youtube.com - Posted: Jun 29, 2009 - 305,592 views
Nhac Han Quoc | Kim Hyun Joong Be nice to me, please | Kim Hyun Joong Be nice to me, please
Kim Hyun Joong Be nice to me, please
Kim Hyun Joong Be nice to me, please
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esta es una de las canciones que vienen en le nuevo album de ss501 solo collection ENJOY!!!^^
(Source: youtube.com).
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16 Feb 2012 JoongBo Couple 1 Full Version

I discovered them almost 4 years too late. They were too adorable in WGM Season 1 :)
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nhac han quoc

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong Seo Hyo Rim drama SETI Episode 6

My old account: " yahn85sh" in you tube was disabled, so this is my new account where i'll upload the SETI series with English Subtitles. **Will sub it soon ** ^_^ ~~~~Plz Subscribe & rate ~~~~ (^_~) SS501 Kim Kyu jong S.E.T.I. (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) This is a work by writer Yoon Tae Ho. SETI is an astronomical youth fantasy that talks about searching for extra-terrestrial intelligence where it is filled with what the youths think about the universe. Kim KyuJong will act as "Na Ho Sik" who is a member of SETI club in this drama. HoSik, who is an extremely curious guy and is devoted on the study of the universe and extra-terrestrial intelligence. He is also the leader of SETI club. Female lead actress is Seo HyoRim who acts as a member in SETI, " Lee Min Ju" ~~ Series is of total 16 Episodes~~ credits: DAUM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For the Comic Stip: http:cartoon.media.daum.netserieslistseti ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow me: http:twitter.comYahn85 of add me in FACEBOOK as " yahn sh " or join my Fan Page for updates " yahn " in FB !!! Or mail me at: [email protected]
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nhac han quoc

氧气HSC 111025.KimHyunJoong 「LUCKY」Busan Fansign Event Full ver.

Credit:氧气·HSC贤生中文网(www.hyunsaengchina.com)No change please!Don't re-upload!
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nhac han quoc

쌍추네 3

쌍추네.. 이제 보낼 수 있을 것 같다. 고마워요.
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ウギョルのリダに会いたくなりました(*^_^*) サジンの画質悪いです・・・
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ss501 because i m stupid live in japan persona tour

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taylor made joongbo

as a life long fan of Joongbo, i created this video to show to everyone how compatible they are together. ^^ as long they are not saying that they r marrying someone else, i still believe... ~To The World~
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nhac han quoc


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hyun joong and hwangbo im so happy

081229 mbc awards joongbo best couple
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Kim Hyun Joong Break Down Dance Practice

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong Break Down Dance Practice BREAK DOWN 안무영상
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MV Kim hyun joong. One more time

Naughty Kiss OST
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KIM HYUN JOONG 김현중 Unbreakable M V feat.Jay Park

Artist : 김현중(Kim Hyunjoong) Album: ROUND 3 song : Unbreakable (Feat. Jay Park) 발매일 : 2013.07.22 김현중 - Unbreakable 약 2년 만에 다시 돌아온 최고 아티스트 김현중의 3번째 미니앨범 [Round 3]! 그 첫 신호탄, "Unbreakable" 공개!! 김현중의 세 번째 미니앨범 ROUND 3의 첫 번째 트랙 Unbreakable은 최고의 작곡가 스티븐 리, 피처링 박재범, 그리고 김현중의 만남으로 공개 전부터 큰 화제를 얻었다. 뮤직 비디오 역시 자니브로스 홍원기 감독과의 작업을 통해 영화 같은 스케일로 완성되어 주목을 받는다. 특히, 슈퍼카, 먀샬아츠, 난타, 검무 등이 만들어 내는 압도적인 영상미와 야생동물들이 상황에 따라 인물로, 또는 소품으로 변화하는 효과, 단청과 도깨비 문양을 활용한 타투 등 한국적 아름다움을 탁월하게 재해석해 낸 아트 퍼포먼스가 최고의 볼거리를 선사한다. The first track of Kim Hyun Joong's third mini album 'Round 3' have garnered a lot of attention Before release because it is composed by Steve Lee and featured by Jae Bum Park. The Music Video made by Hong Won Gi from Zanybros, also attracted lots of attention in that it has great scale like movies. Especially, It provides people with overwhelming image composed of super car, martial arts, Nanta, sword dance and changing animal to people or object. People also can catch Korean beauty such as Danchong and Goblin pattern tattoo. It will be impressive to viewers by excellent art performance reinterpreting Korean Beauty. キム・ヒョンジュンの韓国3rdミニアルバム'ROUND 3'の 最初のトラック'Unbreakable'は、有名人気作曲家のスティーブン・リーと、 フィーチャリングに参加したパク・ジェボム、そしてキム・ヒョンジュンが出会い、 公開前から大きな話題となりました。 ミュージックビデオもザニーブロスのホン・ウォンギ監督とのMV制作を通じ、 映画のようなスケールで完成され、注目を浴びております。 特に、スーパーカー、マーシャルアーツ、乱打、剣舞などが作り出す圧倒的な映像美と 野生動物たちが、人物やものに変化するという効果、丹青(古く韓国で建築物に 施された装飾紋様)とトケビ(韓国の神話に出てくる妖怪)を用いたタトゥーなど、 韓国的な美を卓越し、新たな解釈として表現されたアートパフォーマンスが最高の 見どころとなっております。 -------------------------------------- Music Download Melon : http:www.melon.comcdsalbumwebalbumdetailmain_list.htm?albumId=2193398 Olleh Music : http:www.ollehmusic.com#AlbumDetailf_Album_info.asp?album_id=80363940 Mnet : http:mnet.interest.mealbum298794 bugs : http:music.bugs.co.kralbum379011?wl_ref=new_ab naver music : http:music.naver.comvideopopupPlayer.nhn?videoId=38114 daum music : http:music.daum.netalbummain?album_id=709486&song_id=10117372 -------------------------------------- For more information @ http:www.facebook.comkimhyunjoong http:www.hyun-joong.com http:weibo.comhyunjoongk http:www.keyeast.co.kr
5,097,239 views | Jul 17, 2013
nhac han quoc

Please be Nice to Me 2010 8 21 Tokyo

from BOF Alumni DVD
513,600 views | Nov 27, 2010
nhac han quoc

Kim Hyun Joong U

163,281 views | Nov 09, 2011
nhac han quoc

JooNgBo FinD SS501 Lyric ThAi SuB

JooNgBo-FinD SS501- Lyric ThAi SuB (JooNgBo HoLiC ThAiLaND)
78,913 views | Sep 10, 2009
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Kim Hyun Joong I thought you were mine

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